Objects –
Our charitable objects are:
“To preserve, improve and to advance education in the craft of dry stone walling for the benefit of the public in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Bristol, south of the M4”.
In practice, this means that we:
Run beginners’ walling courses that enable people to develop basic walling skills and an appreciation of the skill involved;
Hold branch practice sessions that help members improve their walling skills;
Encourage and support members in attaining LANTRA certification;
Demonstrate and promote walling at local events;
Enjoy ourselves whilst doing all of these!

A Branch of DSWA-GB
SWEDSWA is a branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA–GB) which was founded in 1968 and which seeks to ensure the best craftsmanship of the past is preserved and that the craft has a thriving future.
DSWA-GB works to improve knowledge and understanding of the craft. It produces a series of information leaflets, practical books on the craft and promotes walling competitions. There is also a national, graded, craft skills certification scheme and members all receive a lively magazine the Waller & Dyker.
The Association has 1200 members throughout Britain – many belong to local branches. The branches organise a range of activities including training courses open to all and practice meets for their members. The Association also encourages surveys of walls and promotes its Pinnacle Award for projects of excellence.

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